A free high-quality sound effects library

Production Equipment

I would like to share the equipment I use to create our free sound effects on this website with you.

Roland R-26

A big portable microphone. Compared to other microphones, this microphone records low-pitched sounds clearly. Since the microphone has many options and I can adjust the sound quality and sensitivity, I can record my desired sound effects. While this is not the best microphone for creating sound effects, neither is it the most economical microphone. Since I wanted a reliable microphone, I paid a little more money for this model. The recorded sound is saved internally in WAV format and the data can be transferred to a computer via USB cable. There is a concept called directivity for microphones (from which angle and how many microphones are used to record a sound) and this product comes with several microphones so I can choose between outdoor and indoor microphones.

Roland Fantom-XR

A sound generator to produce music on the computer. I originally purchased this sound generator, not to produce sound effects, but to create cover songs. There are various sounds, including piano and guitar sounds, recorded internally and by using this with a MIDI editing software (MIDI Sequencer, sold separately), I can produce music. Nowadays MIDI sound generator software are mainstream and MIDI sound generator hardware are less known. However, having paid over 100,000 yen for it, the tone quality is remarkable. There are tone expansion boards called Expansion Boards (sold separately) and I insert six boards. However, since I am not satisfied with the default tone, I consider inserting the boards almost a necessity and I insert them into all six slots. Our site uses them to create fanfares or when we produce instrument sounds using SoundEngine Free.


A software to create songs with a MIDI sound generator (MIDI Sequencer). This software allows me to time and play internal sounds from the MIDI sound generator by inputting notes into the score shown on the screen. I have created several sound effects using MIDI Sequencer together with Fantom-XR.

Singer Song Writer 7

A freeware to process sound. No matter how high the performance, microphones pick up noise and this software can reduce noise and add effects such as echo, reverberation, and distortion. I cannot create a sound effect from nothing using this software, but I use it to upload sounds I created using R-26 and Fantom-XR and make final adjustments to them.


A freeware to convert sound files. Our website uses different filename extensions for different purposes. I use the bigger and higher-quality WAV format during production but we convert it to a more compact MP3 format for distribution.

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