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Website Overview

We are a website that distributes free sound effects. We do not require you to report, give credit, or include a link when you use our sound effects so you can download them as you please. Since we are a Japanese website, we also offer a wide variety of sound effects unique to Japan including katana, kabuki, and anime sound effects.

Production Method

We focus on imaginary sounds such as monster voices, explosions, and robot walking sounds for use in games, trivia, anime, and film. Our captivating sound effects are created by playing real sounds backwards and by adjusting sound reproduction speeds at the sound production scene. However in recent years, I feel there are more simple sounds made by making small pitch changes to real sounds and as a result, there are fewer sounds that leave an impression. While this is not well known, sound effect production takes a lot of work and it is a process that requires patience. It not only involves visiting airports and zoos and going to a studio to record, but one also needs to keep adding various effects and make adjustments to the sound until he or she reaches a satisfactory sound. Sound effects are not a simple supplement to a work; rather it is an important element that determines its uniqueness and quality. Our website’s motto is creativity and originality and we spend time on each of our sounds in order to create sound effects that leave an impression. Instead of creating simple free sound effects, it is our goal to produce sound effects comparable to professional-quality sound effects. For our business users, we hope that they can extend beyond free sound effect CDs and become interested in sound effect production through the sound effects found on this website. Please try listening to them.

Communication with our Users

If you enjoy our sound effects, it would increase our motivation if you could share our link, review us on Google+, and like us on Facebook. Usability – including how easy it is to listen to and download sound effects – is also important to us. If you have trouble searching for and downloading sound effects or if you have any suggestions or requests for our website, please contact us using the inquiries form.

Website Production

We used HTML5 for coding, which requires fewer source codes and pages. Our goal is a website that can be validated by W3C and that our users can easily browse. Our website should be displayed correctly on IE9+, Firefox, and Google Chrome. We produced our own search and database designs so these features can easily be improved and modified.

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