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Producer profile


Born in Nagano, Japan. Extremely lazy, but perfectionist when it comes to his creative projects. A huge Ultraman fan, he became interested in the mechanics of sound effects such as monsters’ voices and explosion sounds, as his fascination with the TV series deepened.

As he learned that Godzilla’s and Rodan’s voices were the backspin sound made by gloves against the contrabass, he was surprised by old pros’ wisdom and began to make his own sound effects. As he tends to get involved deeply, he purchased special hardware. As he wanted others to use his sound effects, he decided to make Sound Effect Lab.

Sound Effect Lab is a Japanese website where you can download high-quality sound effects for free. Our sound effects have been featured in a wide variety of contexts including television commercials, public broadcasting, and local government events (I list specific examples of use on our Japanese website). I created this English version website because I wanted our overseas users to use our free sound effects library.

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